2015-03-18 Daiva Nielsen MCQ for Files and Directories in The Unix Shell
2015-03-16 Sue McClatchy For loops in R
2015-03-16 Huixi Violet Zhang Load and extract data in R
2015-03-16 Arliss Collins MCQ - Unix Files and Directories
2015-03-15 Tessa Pierce MCQs for Python Lists and Types
2015-03-15 Matt Dickenson Multiple Choice Questions for SQL
2015-03-15 Laurie Baker Adding a Second Post to the GitHub Blog
2015-03-15 Elizabeth Wickes MCQ - Python List Slicing
2015-03-14 Remi Daigle Bracket use in R
2015-03-13 Kathy Chung Finding Things in the Unix Shell
2015-03-13 John Moreau Multiple Choice Questions for Assessment
2015-03-13 Franz Navarro MCQ - Tuple vs List
2015-03-13 Martin Bentley Multiple Choice Questions
2015-03-13 Andrew MacDonald Functions in R - MCQ
2015-03-12 Richard Tomsett SQL SELECT command
2015-03-12 Meredith Durbin Python Multiple Choice Questions
2015-03-12 Matthew Collins Shell MCQs
2015-03-12 Malvika Sharan Reverse a string using Python
2015-03-12 Laura Graham Slicing Data and Calculating Means in R
2015-03-12 Kyler Brown Boolean logic in Python MCQs
2015-03-12 Kristopher Keipert MCQ for Grep
2015-03-12 Konrad Förstner MCQ - Shell Pipes and Filters
2015-03-12 Kim Moir Python lists
2015-03-12 Joseph Long Python Multiple Choice Questions
2015-03-12 Jeremy Gray The Call Stack (scoping) in R
2015-03-12 Heather Gibling MCQ - Subsetting in R
2015-03-12 Dorota Jarecka Python slicing and calculating maximum
2015-03-12 Pawel Pomorski Python variable assignment
2015-03-11 Vladimir Sudilovsky Interaction between assignment, iteration, and mutability in python
2015-03-11 Stephanie Mark Files and Directories in Unix
2015-03-11 Sarah W Cloning and updating repositories with Git
2015-03-11 Sarah Stevens Conditionals in Python
2015-03-11 Narayanan Raghupathy Python range() function and list
2015-03-11 Marios Isaakidis Wildcards at the Unix Shell
2015-03-11 John Pormann Assessment - Open Science
2015-03-11 John Constable Shell Programming
2015-03-11 Johan Hjelm Python Lists and Pandas Dataframes
2015-03-11 Hugues Fontenelle Conditionals Python Lesson
2015-03-11 Donna Henderson MCQs for Storing Multiple Values in Python Lists
2015-03-11 Derek Howard MCQ for Python lesson 1
2015-03-11 Ariel Bowers Multiple Choice Questions
2015-03-11 Amy Boyle MCQ for Python math and numpy
2015-03-10 Simon Fraser MCQ for Python loops and the range() function
2015-03-10 Matthew Bourque Multiple Choice Quesitons for Storing Multiple Values in Python Lists
2015-03-10 Matt Probert Multiple Choice Questions for Python Functions
2015-03-10 Luke W. Johnston MCQ for strings and missingness in SQL
2015-03-10 Karl Broman Functions and loops in R
2015-03-10 Jon Borrelli Slicing a Dataframe in R
2015-03-10 Javier Garcia-Algarra MCQ, Making choices in R
2015-03-10 Darya Vanichkina MCQs for assertions and NULL in SQL
2015-03-10 Ben Weinstein Probability in R
2015-03-09 Evgenij Belikov MCQs for 'Making Choices' Python Lesson on Conditionals
2015-03-09 Sarah Mount MCQs for git merge
2015-03-09 Daniel Wheeler Unix Shell -- Finding Things -- Multiple Choice Questions
2015-03-08 Phil Rosenfield MCQ for Python Creating Functions
2015-03-08 Dirk Eddelbuettel Reading text Data into R
2015-03-08 Brian Magill Multiple Choice Questions for Creating and Modifying Data
2015-03-08 Belinda Weaver Version control with Git plus Using the Shell
2015-03-07 Will Cornwell MCQs for testing R function knowledge
2015-03-07 Victor Kwangchun Lee Assessment - Open Science
2015-03-07 Michael Sarahan MCQ for Defensive Programming in Python
2015-03-07 Catherine Devlin SQL joins
2015-03-07 Adam Richie-Halford MCQs for Command-Line Programs in Python
2015-03-06 Greg Wilson Third Meeting for Round 12
2015-03-06 Kai Yang Assessment with MCQs
2015-03-06 Auriel Fournier What is a git conflict?
2014-10-15 Timothee Poisot Demotivation (or the story of how I quit academia)
2014-10-06 Greg Caporaso conditional statement assessment
2014-10-03 Alif Evaluation on The Unix Shell/ Creating Things
2014-10-02 Asela Wijeratne python while-loop
2014-10-02 Jay Freeman (saurik) Image Grids Colors Assessment --- Jay Freeman (saurik)
2014-10-02 Chris Gates Assessment: find command
2014-10-02 Thomas Guignard Assessment: Using Databases --- Combining Data
2014-10-02 Ruth Collings Assessment: Using Databases, 3. Filtering
2014-10-02 Franz Navarro Assessment: Tuple vs List
2014-10-02 Andy Teucher Assessment: The Shell.
2014-10-02 Birgit Bachler Assessment: Python Conditionals
2014-10-02 Orion Buske Assessment --- Pipes and Filters
2014-10-02 David LeBauer Assessment: Open Science
2014-10-02 Dmitri Novikov Assessment --- Git Staging Area
2014-10-02 Jonathan Gross Assessment – Git: A Better Kind of Backup
2014-10-02 Ramalingam Saravanan Assessment: Functions, local and global variables
2014-10-02 Sahar Rahmani Assessment for intruduction to python
2014-10-02 Dureid El-Moghraby Assessment: Files and Directories
2014-10-02 Fatma Imamoglu Assessment: Files and Directories in Unix Shell
2014-10-02 David Pugh Assessment: Files and directories in the Unix shell
2014-10-02 Brent Shambaugh Assessment: Creating Things (in the shell)
2014-10-02 Matthew Aiello-Lammens Assessment: Collaborating with GIT
2014-10-02 Liberty Foreman Assessment: Collaborating in GitHub
2014-10-02 Olav Vahtras Assessment: calling functions with parameters
2014-10-02 Lauren Michael Assessment: Relative paths, absolute paths, and the home directory
2014-10-02 Ashwin Srinath Assessment --- Writing Tests
2014-10-02 R. David Murray Assessment: python assignment statement
2014-10-01 Eric Youngson Assessment: Using Databases & SQL --- Selecting Data
2014-10-01 Anthony Harrison Assessment: Using Assertions
2014-10-01 Emilia Gan Assessment: The Unix Shell --- Files and Directories
2014-10-01 Anja Boskovic Assessment --- Scoping in Python
2014-10-01 Cody Hinchliff Assessment --- Python functions
2014-10-01 Matthew Shirley Assessment: Python Functions
2014-10-01 Logan Cox Assessment: Pipes and Filters
2014-10-01 Juan Nunez-Iglesias Assessment: NumPy slicing
2014-10-01 Jared Camins-Esakov Assessment: git conflicts
2014-10-01 Olivier Lafleur Assessment: Creating functions
2014-10-01 Hamid Assessment --- Collaborating with Git
2014-10-01 Mariela Perignon Assessment: Assignment statements in Python
2014-10-01 Jon Guyer Assessment: Analyzing Patient Data
2014-09-30 Carl Boettiger Unix shell: Creating things assessment
2014-09-30 Maneesha Sane Assessment: Understanding Functions
2014-09-30 James Hiebert Assessment: SQL/Selecting Data
2014-09-30 Timothee Poisot Assessment | python functions
2014-09-30 Kate Hertweck Assessment: Pipes and Filters
2014-09-30 Jeremy Metz Assessment Exercise: Analyzing Patient Data
2014-09-30 Kirill Palamartchouk Assessment exercise: Finding Things
2014-09-29 Heather Gunning Assessment exercise: The unix shell --- pipes and filters
2014-09-29 François Michonneau Assessment --- loops and multiple file processing in R
2014-09-29 Daniel Smith Assessment exercise: Python Functions
2014-09-29 Isabelle Laforest Assessment: Command-Line Programs
2014-09-28 Tiffany Timbers Assessment exercise: The Unix Shell --- Files and Directories
2014-09-28 Roberto Vitillo Assessment Exercise: SQL
2014-09-28 Roman Valls Assessment exercise: Relational Databases
2014-09-28 Radovan Bast Assessment exercise: Git
2014-09-26 Greg Wilson From Concept Maps to Assessment
2014-08-13 David Kua Reverse Instructional Design --- csvkit
2014-07-31 Chelsea Chisholm Reverse Instructional Design: Uploading and Summarizing Data in R
2014-07-31 Brian Forst Reverse Instructional Design --- Processing data files in the IPython Notebook
2014-07-31 Luiz Irber Reverse Instructional Design --- List comprehensions
2014-07-31 Tim Bean Reverse Instructional Design: Learning summarizing functions
2014-07-31 Paulina Lach Reverse Instructional Design --- Integrals
2014-07-30 Sarah Simpkin Reverse instructional design: Escape sequences
2014-07-27 Rainer Kiko Reverse Instructional Design — Insert and Select in SQL
2014-07-27 Easton White Reverse instructional design- glm in R
2014-07-26 Piotr Banaszkiewicz Reverse instructional design: questions about "design"
2014-07-26 Clare Sloggett Reverse Instructional Design: python dict
2014-07-26 Dominic Barraclough Reverse instructional design: mutable vs immutable parameters
2014-07-26 Emily Coffey Reverse instructional design: finding file sizes and copying files on the command line
2014-07-26 Joseph Viviano Rev. Inst. Design --- BASH File Management
2014-07-25 Daisie Huang Reverse Instructional Design: regex
2014-07-24 Sarah Edwards Reverse Instructional Design --- Pipes and Shell
2014-07-24 Scott Talafuse Reverse Instructional Design- Git Basics
2014-07-24 Andy Leung Reverse instructional design --- summarising data in R
2014-07-24 Catherine McGoveran Reverse instructional design --- creating a map using Google Fusion Tables
2014-07-24 Kara Woo Assessment – data aggregation with dplyr
2014-07-23 James Robinson Reverse instructional design --- using ggplot2 in R
2014-07-23 Leonor Garcia-Gutierrez Reverse Instructional Design --- Data extraction and manipulation with awk
2014-07-23 Scott Ritchie Reverse Instructional Design --- The Apply family in R
2014-07-23 Luca Cerone Reverse Instructional Design — LEFT JOIN in MySQL/MariaDB
2014-07-23 Jeff Walton Assessment --- Navigating the file system from the command line
2014-07-22 Johnny Lin Reverse Instructional Design: Python Dictionaries
2014-07-22 Aaron Erlich Reverse Instructional Design --- Lists in R
2014-07-22 Tom Assessment --- Video processing with matlab
2014-07-21 Jane Lewis Reverse Instructional Design --- GitHub
2014-07-21 Maciej Czuchry Assessment --- PBS system
2014-07-18 Jennifer Shelton Reverse Instructional Design – Question/Code challenge grep and fasta files
2014-07-18 Greg Wilson From Motivation to Reverse Instructional Design
2014-07-18 Marcello Barisonzi Assessment --- Navigating the Windows file system with Git Bash
2014-05-21 Tim McNamara Assessment --- Python lists
2014-05-21 Jonathan Frederic Assessment for list comprehensions
2014-05-21 Catalina Anghel Assessment for functions in R
2014-05-20 Yu-Ching Shih Assessment question for vim
2014-05-19 Devasena Inupakutika Assessment for while-loop concept map
2014-05-19 Chandler Wilkerson Assessment for SQL Statements by Jacob Levernier
2014-05-19 Simon Michnowicz Assessment for Lists in Python
2014-05-17 Timothy Warren Assessment for Python Dictionaries
2014-05-15 Jacob Levernier Assessment on Shell Paths
2014-05-15 Mark Wilber Assessment for Python Functions
2014-05-15 Aur Saraf Assessment for python dicts (Aur Saraf)
2014-05-15 Jacob Levernier Assessment for Python Dictionaries
2014-05-15 Jeff Hollister Assessment for Data Structures in R
2014-05-14 Matthew Dimmock Formative questions on function concept map by Tim McNamara
2014-05-14 Jeremiah Lant Assessment Questions for Regular Expressions
2014-05-14 Stefan Pfenninger Assessment Questions for List Comprehension
2014-05-14 Scott Burns Assessment Questions for List Comprehension Concept Map
2014-05-14 Russell Alleen-Willems Assessment Questions for Basic Loop Structures
2014-05-14 Florian Rathgeber Assessment for Python dictionaries
2014-05-14 Mark Stillwell Assessment for Learning Github
2014-05-13 Genevieve Smith Multiple choice questions about Lists in Python
2014-05-13 Jon Duncan Assessment Questions for Concept Map on Basic Syntax of an R Function
2014-05-13 Graham Etherington Assessment for Victoria Offord’s Grep pattern in array (Perl)
2014-05-09 Alexandra Simperler Assessment to Graham Etherington's While Concept Map
2014-05-08 Greg Wilson Round 09/2-09/3: From Concept Maps to Formative Assessment
2014-05-08 Christian Jacobs Assessment: Python Dictionaries
2014-05-07 Michael Schliephake MCQ about shell pathes
2014-02-24 Daniel Chen Motivating (Public Health) Students to Learn (Python) Programming
2014-02-15 Greg Wilson Wrapping Up MCQs, Starting on Motivation
2014-02-13 David Schryer Round 8.2 MCQ --- List Comprehensions
2014-02-13 Sheldon McKay MCQ: Unix sort
2014-02-13 James Harmon MCQ: Combining Changes from Multiple Streams of Development
2014-02-13 Gabriel Devenyi MCQ: stdout stderr and redirects
2014-02-13 Abigail Cabunoc MCQ: SELECT Statement (SQL)
2014-02-13 Atul Varma MCQ: Relative paths and URLs
2014-02-13 Isabel Fenton MCQ: python while-loops
2014-02-13 Mark Stacy MCQ: python file object
2014-02-13 Stefan van der Walt MCQ: numpy broadcasting
2014-02-13 Simon Belluzzo MCQ: Mutability in Python
2014-02-13 Andrea Zonca MCQ: Introduction to pandas DataFrames
2014-02-13 Bradley Taber-Thomas MCQ: Batch processing script
2014-02-13 Matt Hall MCQ: An introduction to web APIs
2014-02-13 Martin Paulo MCQ: Variable Scope
2014-02-12 Melanie Segado VNC Through SSH
2014-02-12 ablackpz Round 8.2 MCQ --- Python Loops
2014-02-12 Benjamin Bradshaw Python Equality Vs. Identity
2014-02-12 Chris Friedline MCQ: IPython notebooks and github
2014-02-12 Neem Serra MCQ: Unit tests
2014-02-12 Patrick Marsh MCQ Thoughts
2014-02-12 Anne Moroney MCQ: Pretest/Post-test for Github Contribution Workflow using a Patch Branch.
2014-02-12 Jessica Hamrick MCQ: Making a git commit
2014-02-12 Matthias Bussonnier MCQ --- IPython, explicit display vs displayHook on output.
2014-02-12 Brenna O'Brien Assessment Questions: Objects in JavaScript
2014-02-11 Daniel Chen MCQ: Python Flow-Control
2014-02-11 Brian Miles MCQ Exercise: regular expressions
2014-02-11 Jeramia Ory MCQ and exercise, 'find' command
2014-02-08 Robert Beagrie MCQs: Aggregation in SQL
2014-02-06 Likit Preeyanon MCQs: Python text processing
2014-02-06 Stephen Turner MCQ: matrix manipulation in R
2014-02-03 Jean-Christophe Leyder MCQs: the role of the index in git
2014-01-31 Greg Wilson Round 8.1/8.2: From Concept Maps to MCQs
2013-11-07 Chris Waigl Assessment Questions: Python Sorting
2013-11-07 Kwasi Kwakwa Assessment Questions: Python Slicing
2013-11-06 Sean Dawson Assessment Questions: Python Sets
2013-11-06 Richard Barnes Assessment Questions
2013-11-05 David Kua Assessment Questions: git status, log, and reflog
2013-11-04 David Rio Shell questions
2013-11-04 Robert Flight R Matrices: Multiple Choice
2013-11-04 Luis Pedro Coelho Multiple choice for "Python for Loops"
2013-11-04 John Corless Data Processing in bash
2013-11-04 Aaron Garoutte Assessment Questions: Dictionaries in Python
2013-11-04 Sharon Benjamin Assessing Skills in Python Syntax & For-Loops
2013-11-04 Daniel Hocking Assessing expertise of getting data into R
2013-11-04 Ofer Bartal Multiple choice questions: git commit
2013-11-03 Matt Landis Assessment Questions: Lists in R
2013-10-31 Scott Chamberlain Multiple choice questions: R
2013-10-31 Samuel Thomson Multiple choice questions: Manipulating Python lists
2013-10-31 Denis Haine R Questions
2013-10-30 Bill Mills Know Your CSS
2013-10-30 Ryan Williams Assessment Questions: Matrices in R
2013-10-29 Remi Emonet Tip: easy shuffling of a set of lines
2013-10-29 Remi Emonet Assessment Questions: ssh common use
2013-10-29 Joshua Adelman Assessment Questions: Numpy Arrays
2013-10-28 Don Brown Multiple Choice Questions --- C Programming
2013-10-28 David Jones Assessment questions: NumPy Arrays
2013-10-28 Fan Assessment Questions --- ls
2013-10-27 Naupaka Zimmerman Multiple choice questions: perl
2013-10-27 Trevor Bekolay Multiple choice questions: Emacs
2013-10-26 Pauline Barmby Multiple choice questions: Python
2013-10-25 David Worth Multiple Choice Questions on vi
2013-10-23 Pauline Barmby Resources on multiple-choice questions
2013-09-12 Dave Lane Assessment Questions: How your computer uses DNS
2013-09-11 Nicolas Saunier Assessment Question: Statistical Tests for Transportation Engineers
2013-09-11 Joshua Herr Assessment Question: Sequence variation
2013-09-09 Amanda Charbonneau Assessment questions
2013-09-09 Cam Macdonell Assessment Questions: GIT
2013-09-08 Philipp Lies Assessment Question: Python with-statement
2013-09-07 Camille Avestruz Assessment Questions: Bash command line
2013-09-07 Christina Koch Assessment: Conditional Expressions
2013-09-06 Rachel Slaybaugh Assessment: Software Testing
2013-09-06 Leszek Tarkowski Assessment Questions: Python List Comprehensions
2013-09-06 Matthew Lightman Assessment Questions: Python Dictionaries
2013-09-06 Rachel Anderson Assessment Question: Python's argparse module
2013-09-05 Julian Garcia Assessment Questions: Python functions
2013-09-05 Gayathri Swaminathan Assessment: File Permissions
2013-09-04 Billy Rowell Final Project: Basic SQL SELECT query syntax
2013-09-04 Jinwoo Leem Assessment Questions: C/C++
2013-09-04 Joshua Ainsley Assessment Questions: Boolean algebra
2013-09-04 Cliburn Chan Assessment Question: Python functions
2013-09-04 ablackpz Assessment Question: Compiled and Interpreted Languages
2013-09-03 Jonah Duckles Vector Data and SQL Querying
2013-09-02 Damien Irving Assessment questions: Variable assignment in Python
2013-09-02 Emily Davenport Assessment questions: Loading data into R
2013-09-02 Molly Gibson Assessment Questions: Finding Things using Unix Shell
2013-08-30 Greg Wilson Wrapping Up Concept Maps, Starting on Evaluation Questions
2013-08-30 Raniere Silva Assessment Question: GNU Coreutils
2013-08-29 Shoaib Sufi Topic for final assignment: Making videos from scenic webcam stills
2013-08-20 Philipp Bayer Final project: Indexing in SQL
2013-08-20 Luke Lee Final project: Analyzing csv data in Pandas and IPython notebook
2013-08-09 Nichole Bennett Final Project: Reading Data from Files in R