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  • How can I make my work easier to cite?


  • Make your work easy to cite

You may want to include a file called CITATION or CITATION.txt that describes how to reference your project; the one for Software Carpentry states:

To reference Software Carpentry in publications, please cite:

Greg Wilson: "Software Carpentry: Lessons Learned". F1000Research,
2016, 3:62 (doi: 10.12688/f1000research.3-62.v2).

  author      = {Greg Wilson},
  title       = {Software Carpentry: Lessons Learned},
  version     = {2},
  date        = {2016-01-28},
  url         = {},
  doi         = {10.12688/f1000research.3-62.v2}

More detailed advice, and other ways to make your code citable can be found at the Software Sustainability Institute blog and in:

Smith AM, Katz DS, Niemeyer KE, FORCE11 Software Citation Working Group. (2016) Software citation
principles. [PeerJ Computer Science 2:e86](

There is also an @software{... BibTeX entry type in case no “umbrella” citation like a paper or book exists for the project you want to make citable.

Key Points

  • Add a CITATION file to a repository to explain how you want your work cited.