Running and Quitting

Figure 1

Anaconda Navigator landing page

Figure 2

JupyterLab landing page

Figure 3

JupyterLab Menu Bar

Figure 4

JupyterLab Left Side Bar

Figure 5

JupyterLab Main Work Area

Figure 6

Example Jupyter Notebook

Figure 7

Multi-panel JupyterLab

Variables and Assignment

Figure 1

A line of Python code, print(atom_name[0]), demonstrates that using the zero index will output just the initial letter, in this case ‘h’ for helium.

Data Types and Type Conversion

Built-in Functions and Help

Morning Coffee


Reading Tabular Data into DataFrames

Pandas DataFrames


Figure 1

Simple Position-Time Plot

Figure 2

GDP plot for Australia

Figure 3

GDP plot for Australia and New Zealand

Figure 4

GDP barplot for Australia

Figure 5

GDP formatted plot for Australia

Figure 6

GDP formatted plot for Australia and New Zealand

Figure 7

GDP correlation using plt.scatter

Figure 8

GDP correlation using data.T.plot.scatter

Figure 9

Minima Maxima Solution

Figure 10

Correlations Solution 1

Figure 11

Correlations Solution 2

Figure 12

More Correlations Solution



For Loops


Looping Over Data Sets

Afternoon Coffee

Writing Functions

Variable Scope

Programming Style