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There are lots of ways to support the work of Software and Data Carpentry. Institutions such as universities and research institutes can best support us by becoming a member organization.

Individuals can also support us by getting involved. Teaching or helping at workshops, becoming an instructor, taking part in our activities, serving on committees like Mentoring or task forces like CarpentryCon, blogging for us, talking to others in our Slack channel, following us on Facebook, and contributing to our email discussions are just some of the ways you can feel part of the global Carpentries community. And don't forget CarpentryCon 2018 which will be our key community building and networking event of 2018. You can sign up for updates. See all our pathways and channels below.


Our newsletter, Carpentry Clippings, appears every second Tuesday. We welcome news from the community, including job postings.

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There are two steps to becoming an instructor:

  1. Take the instructor training course: This course runs over two full days and covers the basics of educational psychology, instructional design, and how to apply both to teaching Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry workshops.

  2. Complete the Software Carpentry checkout process: You must complete three short tasks after the course in order to complete certification.

Most of our instructors are trained through organizational agreements with affiliated institutions. If you have been asked to provide information associated with this type of training, please fill in this form. Even if you are not part of an affiliated institution, please use the same form to indicate your interest in training.

If you are already an instructor and would like to let us know that you have moved, changed your email address, or are now able to teach more lessons, please fill in this form to update your information.

Community Events

There are many opportunities to join community lab meetings, sub-committees and de-briefing sessions. Find links to them on this etherpad, and subscribe to the calendar below to watch all that is going on throughout our community.

Meetup at Conferences

Going to an event where other Software Carpentry instructors might be? Add an entry to the meetup etherpad and try to arrange a meetup.


You can join the conversation by following our blog, on Slack, or @swcarpentry on Twitter, or talk to us on these mailing lists:

discuss (archives in Mailman or on Gmane) The main channel for discussion of direction and technology. 30-40 messages/week unmoderated
instructors (archives) Advertisements for workshop instructors and helpers. 1-2 messages/month moderated
mentoring (archives) Working mailing list of the Mentoring subcommittee. 5-20 messages/week moderated
maintainers (archives) Working mailing list of the Lesson Development subcommittee (which includes all active lesson maintainers). 5-20 messages/week unmoderated
r-discuss (archives) Discussion of our R lesson and related matters. 1-5 messages/week unmoderated
aus-nz (archives) A sub-list for discussion of activities in Australia and New Zealand. 5-20 messages/month unmoderated
latin-america (archives) A Google Group for discussion of the Carpentry in Latin America initiative. 5-20 messages/month unmoderated
seattle (archives) A sub-list for discussion of activities in the Seattle area. 5-10 messages/month unmoderated
vancouver (archives) A sub-list for discussion of activities in the Vancouver area. 5-10 messages/month unmoderated
assessment (archives) A Google group, led by Dr Kari L. Jordan, for discussion of assessment issues. 5-10 messages/month unmoderated

Dialogue & Discussion

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