Instructor Training Feedback

May 7, 2015 • Sarah Stevens

I really enjoyed this course and find myself frequently thinking and talking about many of the things I learned. I really feel that the online practice teaching was very helpful for me. I also become passionate about giving and receiving feedback. Before this course I didn’t take criticism well, and maybe could still work on this. But having practiced giving and receiving feedback, it has really hit me how important this is in order to improve. I also hope to create an atmosphere in my own working environments where feedback is given in order to help, without any negative or harmful intent.

I did really like the structure of the course, though I do think it would have been nice to have a syllabus outline of the class schedule, with dates for when the assignments should be posted. There was a lot of discussion about if the class should be a 2 day intensive course. I however liked the the long form. It worked well to have time to do the readings, post, and comment on others posts before the next meeting.

I also liked the listening and participating via MoPad format. Though it might have been nice if the BlueJeans program had worked when we tried, since then we can see the other learners.
It might have been nice to have more of a ‘cohort’, where went to the same session (if possible) and did assignments with the same people. Especially at first, I felt like a very small part of the very large class. I felt more comfortable once I had skyped with my small group, and met some others in an online in a git tutorial.

Thanks for teaching this course Greg! I really enjoyed it. And thanks to all of my various groupmates for their feedback! Looking forward to the possibility of teaching with some of you.