Git Add-Commit Cycle

Apr 15, 2015 • Sue McClatchy

I taught the second half of Tracking Changes, a novice lesson in the git add-commit cycle. I chose this lesson specifically because it helped me to understand what git was doing when I issued these commands. The graphics showing working files, the staging area, and the repository were particularly helpful. A picture is worth a thousand words! One of my colleagues found the lesson and the graphics very helpful as well, even though he has a better command of git than I do. It’s not intuitive.

The video is posted on YouTube.

The first time I recorded I didn’t realize you had to select an audio input source from the drop-down menu, so there was no audio. The second time I had technical issues with my computer. The third time worked like a charm. Practice makes perfect. Git and Github are still largely incomprehensible. I can get them to work but I never know how or why.