Feedbacks on instructor training course

Apr 22, 2015 • Kai Yang

The biggest surprise to me in this instructor training program is Greg’s total dedication to teaching methodologies. In my tech community, we tend to think content is the king, and learning how to teach belongs to grade school teachers’ responsibilities. It is particularly true in USA’s research universities. To many faculty members, teaching is just a duty. It is OK as long as evaluations from students are not too bad.

I was impressed with Greg’s citing on his father’s teaching experience. That might be the root to the philosophy behind his founding SWC.

Overall, I was shocked at my ignoring so many seemingly simple concepts when I was an instructor or a TA. The adopted textbook is also an excellent choice. Lastly, the small-group teaching practice is an enjoyable process of peer review. I believe this kind of team spirit is what Greg is trying to build.

One improvement suggestion in my mind is that for feedbacks or comments on postings, Greg might want to make formal assignments so that everyone can get even amount of feedbacks.