The Unix shell

Apr 15, 2015 • John Constable

For my three minute demo, I covered creating things in the unix shell as per:

I stopped when i hit 3 mins rather than make a full coverage of the topic!

This time I had no video, as I was just recording the terminal session and it was striking how much I missed the feedback. I found it hard to turn off the screen capture util (quicktime), so more practice next time for a more policed permormance! Its really hard to know beforehand how all the tools will interact, I found, so hoping this will improve as we practice! I have been choosing tpics that I know, rather than ones that are completely foriegn, so perhaps next time choosing one thats not so familar would be a good idea to better simulate the overall experience!

I found this an excellent primer for watching others do similar, but as I expected much harder to make it look seamless - I wonder how many repeats they had to do!

I find it very hard to rewatch myself!

The video is at