Regression with Math or Computer

Mar 26, 2015 • Victor Kwangchun Lee

After three years military compulsory services, I returned to the campus. I felt I could do anything… What I really wanted to do is to study something, in particular statistics. When I was a high school student, I’d like to know why probability and statistics chapters are in the end of math textbook. I did not ask a question about it and of course, there were no explanations.

I took the “regression” class. I did make a good progress through quizzes, reports, and mid-term. Because at that time personal computers were introduced as well as Windows 95, productivity from computers increased quickly. When I looked back, GUI can be powerful and helpful to novices. Professor wanted to do more regression analysis with the help of computers such that there were lots of computer-based homework and assignments. Since I was sort of early adopter and I liked to play with computers, I enjoyed regression class.

By the way, one day professor called me and asked questions in terms of mathematics underlying regression. I was aware of mathematical background on regression, but I did not pay attention on it too much because there were no announcements beforehand, even in syllabus. Therefore, I could not answer questions, but profession continued a couple of questions. Of course, I could not answer them. After that happening, I lost some interests in learning and studying.

What could have been done differently? Well, teaching someone is quite different from knowing something. That’s what I learned. I practiced and experienced various disciplines. Depending on teachers, disciplines, and environments, learning could be really enjoyable or disappointing…