Finding Things in the Unix Shell

Mar 13, 2015 • Kathy Chung

The two MCQs relate to finding things with the Unix Shell. Question One relates to lesson

###Question One### Which command shows you all items in the current directory and flag the items which are directories?

  1. ls
  2. ls .
  3. ls -a
  4. ls -a -f
  5. ls -a -F

The second MCQ deals with finding things within a file and is related to lesson [] (

###Question Two### Which command returns the first line of the file haiku.txt?

  1. echo 1 haiku.txt
  2. cat 1 haiku.txt
  3. grep 1 haiku.txt
  4. head 1 haiku.txt
  5. none of the above

###Answers to Question Two### 1. Student has confused echo command to return content within a file, which it doesn’t. Echo returns exactly the arguments you give it. 2. Student misunderstood cat command, probably since cat with just one filename returns all the lines of that one file.
3. Student misunderstood the use of grep. The command as written looks for occurrences of the character “1” in the file haiku.txt, not line 1. 4. Close… head needs a hyphen before the 1 to indicate a flag.
5. Correct answer.