Who are you?

Mar 25, 2015 • Jessica Gallinger

I did an undergrad honours psychology thesis in a lab with an indifferent P.I.. After working in the lab for eight months, I went to talk to him about my work. He did not respond to email, so I accepted a tip from his grad students to wait around outside his office on a Thursday afternoon because he was often in at that time. After I waited for an hour, he showed up to his office and invited me in to chat: Who was I? Was I in his 100-level class? Was this about the final exam?

The P.I. was my thesis supervisor, responsible for evaluating my work and assigning a final grade. Ideally, he would have also been responsible for providing support throughout my research project and acting as a reference for my graduate school applications.

In that meeting, I decided not to pursue graduate school in psychology. Instead, I did a professional master’s degree. I graduated with a joint honours B.A. from a top university with a ~3.8 CGPA. I hope I made the right decision; it’s hard to know what the future could have otherwise looked like.