How to Do a Practice Lesson

Mar 26, 2015 • Greg Wilson

To help you with your practice lessons, I’ve created a 10-minute video that shows how we normally do these:

  1. We rendezvous on Google Hangout or Skype.

  2. The presenter shares her screen and live codes through a 5-minute lesson. (I only talk for 3 minutes in the demo because you’ve all heard my voice enough at this point.)

  3. Her partners take notes during the presentation, then give feedback afterward. We use an Etherpad here, but you can type them into the text chat of your video conferencing tool. (We recommend text feedback so that everyone can get their points down first, then discuss them all together afterward.)

Note that:

  • The presenter gives feedback on herself as well at the same time as everyone else.

  • There are no slides or notes on the presenter’s screen.