Mar 26, 2015 • Martin Bentley

In general, nothing has really stuck out about one particular incident of demotivation, but the entirety of my fourth year was pretty dire. Part of it may have been a bit of mild burn out, and I should have taken some time to do something other than study, but for some reason, that year I was completely uninterested in studying. This was not a particular event, but spread over the entire year. The courses were fine, and other people were doing well.

I think that the biggest issue was that I could not see any practical application of my project. Perhaps it was also that I never really bonded with the rest of the class either, certainly not to the extent that they bonded with each other.

Thinking back on it, if I had had more freedom to follow up on things that I had been interested in (essentially computational geoscience, rather than straight geology), I think it would have gone a long way to keeping me interested. Unfortunately, none of the staff were particularly interested in going that route, so I was left to muddle through. Coupled with not realising just how badly I was actually doing in the various courses until far too late (communication from lecturers being poor), and I had a pretty dismal year, academically.

Aside from that, it was mostly on me, and is not their fault. Perhaps they could have intervened sooner, or suggested that I do something else?