About Martin Bentley

Feb 5, 2015 • Martin Bentley

Martin Bentley is a MSc student at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, at Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He is looking at airborne geophysical data, with a view to making pretty pictures out of it.

A major side-project is the Open Access Button, which aims to highlight difficulties in obtaining access to the output of scholarly research. It is pretty cool and he think that you should check it out.

His reasons for doing the instructor training is largely selfish: if the other people in his research institute can code, he can get on with his own work, or at least solve more interesting problems that they have.

In what spare time remains, he juggles, unicycles (preferably off-road) and rock climbs. He also likes reading.

What I remember finding hardest about using git the first time (a couple years ago now) was creating branches, and exactly how one could use that. Because it was the first version control software that I used, it was generally not too problematic, because I had no previous ideas to relearn.