About Marios Isaakidis

Feb 8, 2015 • Marios Isaakidis

Marios Isaakidis is yet another Mozillian who got interested in the mission of Software Carpentry. He has helped as an instructor at Bootcamps in Cyprus, Jordan and the UK.

By day, Marios is a computer engineer working on open source projects that secure Internet freedom. In his free time, he shares his enthusiasm on space exploration and scientific paradoxes in radio shows and science communication events. He has lead the Space Apps hackathons in Cyprus, co-founded the hack66 hackerspace and innovation center, and served as a community manager and researcher at the Cyprus Space Exploration Organization.

What I found hardest about using Git the first time was understanding the notion of decentralized version control and pulling changes from others. Now, Git is among the tools I am using on a daily basis. Yet, I still find resolving conflicts at non-fast-forward merges tricky :)