About Kai Yang

Feb 9, 2015 • Kai Yang

I was a software engineer at Microsoft and Sony Electronics, working on video pipeline. I think I can contribute to science community by advocating software maintainability and reproducibility with my experiences on large-scale systems. In the past I did have had frustrations with hard-to-read, hard-to-maintain C codes written by electrical engineers. I believe similar concerns might have been seriously perceived in science communities as more and more researchers are mutually relying on the codes written by them.

My academic background is in computer science. At U .of Utah, I wrote master thesis about specification languages. My PhD research at UC Santa Barbara was on performance evaluation of network switches, although I did not finish it. Now I am actively pursuing to resume my PhD degree pursuit but changing gear to semantic web and PGM in machine learning, after eye-witnessing the emergence of big data in my industry jobs.

My motivations to join SWC are to obtain credentials for teaching positions, help scientists in software and data engineering, and learn from scientists’ perspectives for my future algorithm and tool development in data science.

What I found hardest about using Git the first time was…

I had no way to figure out whether my pull request had been successfully received. When I clicked “Create Pull Request” for the same file, I had no idea about the status of my original request.