About Jon Borrelli

Feb 9, 2015 • Jon Borrelli

Hello everyone, I am a PhD student at Stony Brook University. My work mostly revolves around ecological networks (check out my Github page here), with my current focus being the stability of the basic building blocks of food webs. I am familiar with R and in my own work I primarily use a numerical simulation based approach. Currently I am trying to add to my programming skill set by learning Python and JavaScript.

What I found hardest about using Git the first time was…

… just using version control properly. Before I started using GitHub I had never even heard of version control. I was (and I am still) not very good at the write-save-commit workflow, instead making large changes to files (saving often) but only making a commit once when I was all done. This makes finding and merging any conflicts more difficult. I also had trouble when I first started because I was using the GitHub GUI and making the switch to command line was a challenge, but in the end, worthwhile.