Function - A High-Level Overview (Concept Map)

Feb 25, 2015 • Evgenij Belikov

Functions are mentioned in many of the SWC lessons, so I thought it would be useful to look at the general concept before the particular syntax is introduced. The concept map addresses the question of what functions are, why one should use them and covers several relevant high-level concepts.

Function - a High-Level Overview

I have updated and simplified the concept map to address the comments. In particular some of the less relevant or somewhat too advanced concepts have been removed to make it easier to fit an introductory high-level overview of the concept of a function to the 10 minutes limit. One difficulty was providing an example: it doesn’t quite fit with the definition of concept maps (too specific) and it suggests a use of a specific syntax (although the concept itself is language-agnostic). One way could be to explain a function visually as a black box with inputs and outputs and then look inside the box. Most people are also familiar with the idea of a function in mathematics which could serve as an analogy. This map could be used before mocing on to language-specifc maps which then would intoduce the concrete syntax, i.e. a way of implementing and calling functions is a given language.

Function - a Simplified High-Level Overview