About Fran Navarro

Feb 6, 2015 • Fran Navarro

Fran Navarro is the co-founder of CAChemE, nonprofit organization of chemical engineers, both professionals of the industry and academics, aiming to encourage the new software possibilities in the area of process engineering. He’s currently a PhD candidate at the University of Alicante (Spain) while his background studies are Chemical Engineering and Material Science. At the moment, he researches within the framework of a European Project called MAPSYN, in which he is responsible for the mathematical modeling and computer multiphysics simulation of microreactors. Previously, during his studies, he also worked for a year at Bayer Technology Services (Germany) as a data analyst.

What I found hardest about using Git the first time was… Precisely, to pull the changes from the original (forked) repository. There were to many new concepts and it was difficult to configure the upstream properly (pull didn’t work out of the box). On the other hand, reverting file changes in case of conflict was also painful and I found myself, copying new files in other location and deleting the repository in order to forking it again. This time was surprisingly easier, but now I have a better understanding of git, branching (learned thanks to swcarpentry) and the nomenclature which could be complex for a non-native English speaker ;)