About Evgenij Belikov

Feb 6, 2015 • Evgenij Belikov

I am Evgenij Belikov, a PhD candidate at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh interested in Programming Languages and Parallel Computing. Currently, I’m working on parallelism management within a distributed run-time system for Glasgow parallel Haskell. The run-time system is implemented in C and I use bash, Perl and R for automating measurements and data analysis.

I enjoy Lab helping for various Computing Science courses and run a couple of introductory programming workshops for artists (Arduino and Processing). I am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I’m looking forward to improve my teaching, so I could help running SWC workshops, which I believe close a gap currently neglected in academia. In my spare time I enjoy mountaineering in the Scottish Highlands.

I have used version control with svn/git and github/bitbucket for few years now but mostly in small teams and on small code bases. I remember that being familiar with Linux helped me use git as just another tool, as it is well-documented and there are many online tutorials. Initially I had to look up the exact command syntax a lot, and now I still need to look up many of the less commonly used commands. I still find ‘changing history’ and manually resolving conflicts when multiple branches are involved and the code base is large and poorly documented rather challenging.