Bio for Erin Mastrantonio

Feb 18, 2015 • Erin Mastrantonio

Erin Mastrantonio is a data visualization specialist for an education company in Silicon Valley called Education Elements. She has at least 4 former lives: one as a classically trained flautist, another as a radio astronomer for the NRAO, another as a Terahertz engineer, and another as an Argentine Tango dancer in Buenos Aires. She dreams of someday working on a team to produce interactive, animated math and science textbooks. Her hobby is figuring out how to extract the concept imagery trapped in the heads of the world’s foremost experts (in any subject imaginable) in order to expedite the learning process for others.

What I found hardest about using Git the first time was…

…the lingo. Even the help sections on Git use Git lingo to describe what Git lingo means. It felt like there was a secret language being spoken that I was “blocked” from being able to know.