About Andrew MacDonald

Feb 1, 2015 • Andrew MacDonald

Andrew MacDonald is a PhD student in Diane Srivastava’s lab at the University of British Columbia. His PhD research is all about the small, fascinating communities of animals that live in the water found in tropical bromeliads. As a result, he’s done lots of field work in Brazi.

He was born in Nova Scotia, did his Master’s with Peter Kotanen at the University of Toronto. He’s also worked in Borneo with Heath in Harmony and Cam Webb on rainforest restoration.

He’s also come to really love programming and data analysis, particularly in R.

As a result of his background, Andrew would love to talk with you in any of his favourite languages: Portuguese, Indonesian and most of all, R.

You can find Andrew on Twitter (@polesasunder) or on Github (@aammd)